Planet Earth

Posted: July 6, 2007 in nature / environment, tv & movies

The only time I’ve ever had cable tv in my life was in college…and that’s because my roomate’s mom paid for it. Never had it before, never since. We currently enjoy “10 channel cable” at our home, which costs about $11.00 a month. As such, I miss out on some great stuff like the History Channel, FX, ESPN, and The Discovery Channel. Lucky for us, Erin’s mom was enthralled with the recent “Planet Earth” series on Discovery Channel, and bought the entire DVD set.

Last night, we watched the first two episodes, entitled “Pole to Pole” and “Mountains.”

Freaking Amazing.

Seriously – somebody should use these DVD’s as an evangelistic outreach tool. The Earth is truly unbelievable. The hand of God created it. The Bible even says that if you have seen creation, you have seen God and have full evidence to believe in Him.

We still have roughly 9 hours of watching left to do, and I cannot begin to describe how awestruck I was at what we saw. The perfection of the Earth’s location in relation to the Sun. Mating habits of rare tropical birds. African hunting dogs that show incredible tactical abilities in hunting their prey. The northern lights. More than 1 million caribou migrating in a single herd across northern Canada.

If you can, you must see this series. Your faith will be strengthened. If you have doubts about God and His power, your eyes may be opened.

  1. Jessica says:

    We bought the DVD set a few months ago after Greg’s mom recommended it. It is so amazing. It always relaxes me to watch it. I think Greg is planning to use some of the clips in his video/worship stuff.

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