Hell Week

Posted: July 12, 2007 in work

I’m in the middle of Hell Week at work. Barely time to think or breathe. Major headache when I went home yesterday. From yesterday (Wednesday) through next Friday, I’ll probably be working about 90 hours. Hard to explain….our company does tons of merchandising for Sea Ray boats. I run a retail website for Sea Ray merchandise. You can check it out at www.searaywearables.com. In the next week, there are 3 major events at Sea Ray’s corporate location – including 2 days in which every Sea Ray dealership owner/president in the entire world will converge in Knoxville. We’re running full-blown merchandise displays and selling stuff at all 3 events.

So, I’ll be (already am) spending a tremendous amount of time prepping product, doing price tags, creating orders, loading a giant truck with tons of display equipment and product. We’ll set up a display Friday night, run it Saturday, tear it down. Re set up an even larger product display on Sunday, run it Monday and Tuesday, then tear it down. Then set up yet another one on Wednesday, run it on Thurdsday, then tear it down. Then everything comes back to our main location on Friday, at which point we have to unload the entire truck, put everything back in trailers, count every single merchandise item back into inventory, etc, etc, etc.

Anywho. Let’s just say I’m stressed out, and the week is just beginning. In the words of one of most classic and cherished Michael W. Smith songs…so incredible that it made his 1st decade best of album…”Pray For Me”.

  1. x-ray chick says:

    I know how stressful this week will be, but remember to keep Jesus on your heart always, and it will help.
    Prayers of peace for you…

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