4 Days To Freedom

Posted: July 16, 2007 in everything else

Hell Week is almost half way over. Yesterday, I arrived at Crossings at 7:00am to help set up for the service. We were set up by about 9:30am. Stayed for about half the service – which was great. I really love hearing how loud and joyous the people there worship. It’s such a rush. Left halfway through to go to Sea Ray. Was there with 4 other co-workers setting up our merchandise room until 7:00pm. LONG day.

Good news is I’m only 4 days away from freedom…in more ways than one. I’ll explain more in a few days.

Until then, I’m off to begin another 12 hour work day.

Be Good (Rich Mullins once signed a hat for me with those words…I miss him).

  1. Kari Jo says:

    Kaly and I hope your week goes well. We will be thinking about you as we are relaxing by the pool.

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