Freedom Weekend

Posted: July 23, 2007 in everything else

My weekend…

Friday night: Went out to eat with Erin at Chili’s. She ordered me some type of Jamaican drink that was okay. I got a little buzz from one drink, and I was done. Went to see the Michael Moore movie Sicko. Sometime this week I’ll probably expand more on this movie. For now, let me just say that I believe you should all go see it. It’s incredibly eye-opening. Got home around 1:00am.

Saturday: Erin had to work. Took Eli to Big Ridge State Park and played in the sand, on the playground, and drove around looking at the camping areas. Next we went to Norris Dam state park and walked in a creek and did some sightseeing. After returning home and napping, we met mom and went to Chuck E Cheese for dinner…what a crazy, hectic place! Then, before it was dark, we went to Victor Ashe park and had some more playground fun.

Sunday: Church in the morning at Crossings. While loading up the trailers after the service, some type of block of wood fell off of a cart and popped me on the top of my head. The wound BLED LIKE CRAZY. My face looked like some guy at the end of an Ultimate Fighting Championship match. The whole left side of my face was covered in blood, my hands were completely red, there are droplets all over the sidewalk outside of the theater where we meet. It was unbelievable. Thanks to Dustin, Stephanie, Betsy, and anyone else I didn’t get to see who immediately rushed to help me. I’m okay now, although there’s a pretty good “boo boo” on my head. My son has been so concerned with my boo boo, it almost makes me cry. Anyways…later that afternoon I took him to another park/playground close to where we live. Watched the movie Shooter. Decent movie.

Watch later this week for my Sicko review.


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