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Posted: July 30, 2007 in tv & movies

Anyone have Blockbuster online? It’s fantastic. For about $16.00 a month, we get 2 online rentals out at a time. Then, when done with those, we turn them in at the store and exchange them for new releases. The store mails the online dvd’s back to the warehouse. Once it’s back at the warehouse, they send out the next one on my list. We end up receiving roughly 10 movies a month…and that’s just because we don’t have enough time to watch any more than that. Mainly because we’re both entrenched in adult/parenthood and go to bed by about 10:00 every night. But, since we don’t have cable tv (yes, there are people who exist without cable), this is actually a decent alternative at 1/3 the price.

Anyway, my online queue is currently loaded with stand up comedy dvd’s, which you simply can’t find in the stores. You should check out this Jim Gaffagin dvd if you can. I’ve linked it to the Blockbuster online page if you’re a member. It’s an hour long, really really funny, clean, and part of his routine at the end is about Jesus and could be cut and used in a church service.

This is way off subject, but does anyone else seem to go through MASSIVE amounts of toilet paper at home and not understand how or why? It seems like we buy a mega 24 roll pack every 4 weeks…and it always seems like it should last about 3-4 months. Am I really that wasteful?

  1. greg says:

    Blockbuster online is AWESOME. We are documentary junkies and get tons of those… we also have watched lots of TV series this way… we did all 5 seasons of Alias and it was fantastic.

    Right now I’ve got all the Harry Potter movies lined up… I’ve read all of the books but never seen the movies. I’ll check out that Gaffigan though… he’s funny. I love “Pale Force” on Conan.

    What did you think of the CDs I burned for ya? Any artists you want to hear more of?

    – Greg

  2. x-ray chick says:

    I too go through tons of toilet paper! I think we just don’t realize how much we actually use the toilet. For women, we use more because we wipe every time. Put that into your calculations.

    I find the experience mind numbing.

    BTW, thanks for the idea in lieu of cable…

  3. jason says:

    x-ray, you’ve been a faithful commenter, thanks for your support! one tidbit – i remember a college professor of mine talking about being in the Korean war and how they were allowed 1 SQUARE of TP per “session”, and how they learned to utilize that 1 square to it’s fullest capacity!

    greg – i haven’t listened to all songs yet – seems my mazda cd player doesn’t like to work like it should – i’m having problems getting it to eject cd’s…very upsetting. i’d say i’ve heard 20 of the 35 songs and really like about 6-7, didn’t like about 5-6 and was so-so on the others. definitely did like the over the rhine songs – what a great voice from the female lead!

  4. dgardenhour says:

    We love Blockbuster online! We have a limited amount of time to watch movies, so we catch up on TV series (as the previous poster mentioned.) The downside of that is waiting for the current season to come out on DVD! So far we’ve finished 24 (incredible!!!), Lost (love it!), Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and we’re working on House.

    About the toilet paper–you guys should try checking out the website . This lady publishes a list of current sales & what coupons you can use to get stuff at super discount or even free. I know, I’m the coupon-a-holic. But it seriously saves us a lot of money! Just imagine how much toilet paper you could buy with all your savings!!! 🙂

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