the evolution of my weight

Posted: August 10, 2007 in food, my experiences

I’m 5’10” tall and roughly 185lbs. I’m not technically overweight. I just feel like it. My back has started bothering me over the last couple of years. I have little stamina. I’m tired of buying larger sizes of pants and shorts. Truth be told, I’m actually at the upper end of the “normal” weight for someone of my height. But consider this:

  • When I graduated high school in 1994, I weighed about 130 lbs.
  • When I graduated college in 1998, I weighed about 150 lbs.
  • In 2001, I weighed about 160 lbs.
  • In 2005, I weighed about 170 lbs.
  • Today, I typically weigh in anywhere from 182 – 188 lbs.

I would desperately like to hover around 165. There are a few problems. First, since I was 4 years old my dad has worked for Keebler (Yes, that Ernie the Elf. And yes, a long time ago my dad actually had a Ernie the Elf costume. The head on that thing was huge.). So my ENTIRE life growing up I ate free cookies – especially Soft Batch cookies. So I really enjoy snacking on sweets. Second, for as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed drinking Coke, Mountain Dew, Mellow Yellow, Dr Pepper, etc. And I cannot stand the taste of Diet drinks. Third, I’ve never really enjoyed exercising. Running to me is incredibly boring. I’ve only had a gym membership for about 6 months in my life. I have little will power to do push ups and sit ups at home.

So, I’m prayerfully trying to consider what to do to get in better shape. I know I need to drink more water and less soda. I’m trying. I sort of like water. But when it starts to warm to room temperature, it tastes worse and worse. I can definitely start eating smaller portions at meals. Surely I can cut out some of the snacking.

But I’m open to ideas. I’m definitely not interested in Atkins, South Beach, Nutri System, Weight Watchers, or any other “program”. I will not take any type of diet pills. But in the way of exercise, accountability options, meal ideas, and so forth, I’m more than willing to give some ideas a shot. I want to lose weight, but I want to do it sensibly. Any suggestions?

  1. x-ray chick says:

    I am still “weighting” on fat donation for poor people who have no butts. When can we donate our fat? Maybe we can sell it as an alternative fuel?

  2. Jason says:

    I’m sure there’s some plastic surgeon somewhere who’s devising a way to make money off of that idea as we speak.

  3. Julie says:

    Make small tangible life long goals. Don’t make a goal and just do it for a month. Make it be a life long habit.

    For example, start with drinking more water like you mentioned. Set a goal for 4 a day. Work your way up to 8. When you drink a lot of water, you’re not as hungry. It fills you up.

    Also, a lot of times when we think our bodies ‘need’ something like caffeine or sugar, we’re really craving water. Try drinking a full glass and waiting to see if the feeling goes away before you grab a soda or a snack.

    I’m so not an expert, I’m learning these things too!

  4. michaelCODY says:

    Contact me if you’re serious. Good seeing you again. See you Sunday.

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