flip flops, birkenstocks, and Jesus sandals

Posted: August 13, 2007 in culture, Jesus

On Friday night I was visiting my wife at the store where she works part time. It’s in a mini-mall shopping center. Right next door to the store is a higher-priced Mexican restaurant. It didn’t open until 7:00pm. At about 6:45pm, there were 30 people gathered outside the restaurant, and they were divided up into about 4-5 different social groups. Not a big deal, really. Friday night. Popular restaurant. People ready to eat. Some in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. So why did it catch my eye?

Because every single person was wearing flip flops or sandals.

There wasn’t a sock in the group. All 300 toes were visible. There were cheap plastic flip flops, leather flip flops, Teva sandals, Birkenstocks, flip flops (think American Eagle) that looked ratted and torn, buckle strap sandals, velcro strap sandals, you name it. Now, I’m sure at least one of these patrons was suspicious of me as I stood behind the storefront glass window and creepily counted people while starting at their feet. But that’s the cost of trying to come up with good blog ideas.

Remember growing up when having cool sneakers was a big deal? Today, EVERYONE is wearing flip flops and sandals practically all the time. Toddlers, teens, young adults, you name it. They’re worn in the workplace, at church, in restaurants, at amusement parks.

I did a little research to find out how long this trend has been around. After Googling long and hard, I found some amazing results……..They’ve been worn since the beginning of time. Yep. Adam, Eve, Moses, Abraham, David, Isaac, Solomon. All flip flop and sandal wearers. Something about the desert and sand. Apparently fashion colored leather and matching shoestrings were a little hard to come by back then. I think Jesus wore sandals too.

So really, when you boil it down, I guess we’re all just being responsible, biblically-minded individuals when we slide our beautiful feet into those $3.00 Old Navy flip flops. I wonder if it makes Jesus smile to know that we’ve all walked a mile in His shoes?


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