the ridiculous english language

Posted: August 27, 2007 in humor, observations / opinions, soap box

Seriously. Do you ever think (like I do) that sometimes the English language is just completely ridiculous? That we could eliminate half the words in the dictionary and no one would know the difference in everyday life?

Let me give you an example. Do you have any idea how many different terms there are to distinguish “groups of animals”? Because I only have so much time and so much space, let me just share a few.

Herd of Antelopes
Colony of Ants
Troop of Apes
Flutter of Butterflies
Caravan of Camels
Pack of Dogs
School of Fish
Stand of Flamingos (that one’s funny)
Gaggle of Geese
Swarm of Gnats
Cloud of Grasshoppers
Bloat of Hippos (haha)
Stable of Horses
Exaltation of Larks (wonder what God thinks of that?)
Pride of Lions
Parliament of Owls (what?)
Team of Oxen
Bevy of Quail
Flock of Sheep
Flight of Swallows
Pod of Walruses
Wisdom of Wombats

You think I’m making this up, don’t you? A wisdom of wombats? Yeah, right. Personally, I’ve never associated the wombat as being a wise creature. Could we not refer to all land living creates as herds? All flying creatures as flights? All water creatures as schools? Does it really have to be this complicated?

For those who still don’t believe these are all true…Check out my source. It actually comes directly from the San Diego Zoo website. Prepare to be mesmerized.


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