bad night of sleep in a campus house

Posted: September 21, 2007 in friends, lifestyle, my experiences

It’s 7:20am in Johnson City, TN. I’m sitting at an open computer on the 3rd floor of an old student fellowship campus house on the campus of ETSU. 7 of us arrived here last night after playing 18 holes of disc golf in Knoxville. In about 30 minutes, we’re headed out to try and play 4 different 18 hole courses by the end of the day today.

We went to “bed” around midnight. Bed meaning really really old couches spread throughout the 3 floors of the house. I finally fell asleep around 2:30am. Woke up around 6:45am. I’m really exhausted, but ready to hit the courses!

These old campus houses are amazing. There’s probably 3000 square feet of space in here. Room to sleep 30-40 if they wanted. Old, crooked, creaky hardwood floors. Huge back deck. Old tired walls filled with event flyers and student’s favorite scripture verses written in Sharpie marker. Two kitchens, a wide open gathering room on the main floor. A dingy smelling basement with a warped floor and an old Nintendo 64 with some cool games like hockey and Mortal Combat 4. And it works. But there’s only one full bathroom. And the toilet in it barely flushes. Definitely not a real livable house. But I don’t think anyone actually lives in here, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Even so, as I sit here and type, it’s almost like I can feel the ghost of a frustrated college student breathing on my neck, as if he thinks I’m writing an important term paper than he can copy verbatim and turn in to the professor before I do. Kind of gives me the old Blair Witch Project goose bumps. I think I’ll go ahead and stop before an exorcism become necessary.


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