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Posted: September 28, 2007 in culture, lifestyle, observations / opinions

How do fashion trends actually start? I think one disadvantage to living in Tennessee is that we’re always a little behind the curve on trends in general…especially fashion. For instance, let’s say that a current fashion trend is wearing jeans that are torn. My question is…who was the first person to do that on purpose? Did that kid get laughed at? Where did it happen? How long did it take before 100 people were doing it? Then 1000? Then 10000? Another example might be the big New Era style backwards caps that cost $50.00. I see them all over the place. Again, who wore that for the first time? Where? When? How long did it take until kids in TN were wearing them too? This fascinates me.

Subdivisions are getting out of hand. They are literally everywhere. And everywhere there’s not one, there’s one being built. And they all have such great names like, “Walker’s Point”, “Pleasant Valley”, “Mountain Ridge”, and “Lakeside Manor”. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the country, but I’ve always thought it would be much nicer to own (for example) a $120,000 home that sits on 2 acres of land than to have a $200,000 home that sits 8 feet from the homes on either side of it. Problem is, with the massive amount of subdivisions out there, you almost can’t find a home to purchase anymore that’s NOT in a subdivision. You have no choice. It’s as if Microsoft took over the real estate market. You either buy a home in a subdivision, or you have to wait (sadly) for an elderly family member to pass away and leave their long-held property to you in their will. Or you somehow acquire $100,000 extra dollars to actually buy a piece of property. Then of course you have to build a home to live there. It’s very sad.

Finally, for golf fans. The President’s Cup is taking place right now. And does anybody really care? The entire golf world gets totally siked up about The Ryder Cup, which takes place on even numbered years and pits the US against Europe in head-to-head golf matches. It’s crazy, fans are wild, they yell, both sides just want to kick the crap out of the other. It’s almost like a soccer match in golf. But The President’s Cup is more of a friendly engagement. A nice competition between the best golfers in the US and “the rest of the world” (aka, not Europe). Their jovial, coureous, and everybody wants the matches to be of good spirit and one accord. Very weird. Regardless, Tiger kicked some tail yesterday, which is all I really care about. He’s only 4 months older than me, about $500,000,000 richer, and I’ve been following his career since he was about 13 years old. Amazing. Hope to get to see him play someday. If I’m lucky, maybe in the cosmic scheme of things, my son and his daughter could end up together. Sam Alexis Woods-Edelen…has a good ring to it.

  1. greg says:

    fashion trends start when Chuck Norris says they do.

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