being a dad

Posted: October 1, 2007 in eli, family

There’s nothing like being a dad. For the longest time, I really thought I would never have children. I pretty much thought I’d live life as a bachelor, doing what I wanted, traveling, etc. And granted, Eli was not actually planned. But neither was I. And I’m glad I’m alive.
I never slept as little as I did his first 2 weeks of life. It was horrible. Erin was not able to do much after a c-section, and every night, every 2 hours, it was me and Eli on the rocking chair in the living room, me singing make believe songs in his ear, with lyrics like, “please go to sleep and daddy will spoil you forever”, and “God loves it when we sleep”.
It wasn’t too long before he started to be fun! Learning to talk, crawling and walking, realizing when he did things that were funny and then doing them again. Eating on his own, recognizing things like animals, cars, and balls. It was amazing. As a parent, you pretty much think you’re child is the only one in the world learning these things at such a young age. It’s so fulfilling.
It wasn’t too long before he started getting an attitude. Refusing to do things. Saying no all the time. Not eating something he didn’t like. Laying on the floor and pouting. Fake crying. Not wanting to go to bed. I’m not sure where “Terrible Two’s” came from, but it’s not entirely true. Our 3rd year has been the rough one. He’s too smart now. He knows how to manipulate. He understands emotions. He’s stubborn and sometimes refuses to give in, regardless of the punishment. He’s pretty much been poddy trained for about 6 months, but still gives in sometimes, even though he knows it’s yucky and will make mom and dad upset. We’ve had to start an “Eli Bank” just to start rewarding him again for successful pooping, because he was having a really rough stretch for about a month.
But I can’t wait to see him every morning. And each evening. Going to do things together is so much fun….Dollywood, hayrides at the corn maze, Happy meals, shopping at Walmart, the bounce house, playgrounds. He’s learning to ride a big wheel…his legs are finally long enough. He’s so much fun, he’s becoming more thoughtful and polite, he learns things every day that I often don’t even realize until he springs them on me days later. His vocabulary continues to grow. His bad days are pretty bad, but the good days are so so so so good.
Like I said, there’s nothing like being a dad. And I thank God everyday that I got to be one.
And, yes, I’m aware that his shirt is on backwards in the picture. But he likes to put it on “by himself.” Who am I to stop him?
  1. Meriam says:

    Whomever coined the phrase “terrible twos” never let their child live to be three. But hey, at least they say the most hilarious things!

  2. Meriam says:

    My three-year-old likes to lock doors. Ron is right this moment looking on the internet for ways to unlock the bathroom door. We’ve probably used the coat hanger one too many times.

  3. Jason says:

    That’s awesome…and scary! Eli’s big thing right now is, “I can do it BY MYSELF!”. Dressing himself, getting food or drink from the kitchen, using the vacuum, drying off after a bath, getting in and out of the car, you name it. He does not want to be helped…he apparently can do it all by himself.

  4. Meriam says:

    I forgot to mention he was not in the bathroom. He locked the door and then pulled it closed on his way out.

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