universal texting language

Posted: October 3, 2007 in observations / opinions, weird
Warning: this post could cause an immediate need for Advil.

?4U. and its not ru a snert. an uv, ik. no really. do u understand txting? i dnt. %-( its a wrld whr grt phrses like l8rg8r r dwnsizd 2 1 wrd. remembr whn u used 2 wrt notes on papr? aaf, i have shuboxs full of old ltrs. tbh, i enjy momnts of :’-) whn i read thm. thy were meangful. with msges like “hand”, “ly”, “bol”, & “bffl”, thy were grt bc thy reqrd effrt. u had 2 wrk a lttle to wrte 1. imho, trning ily into ily or rducing the art of gtting to no a prson in2 a/s/l and wuf smply lvs me smhid. infct, pu. jff, i thght it mght hav me bwl to mk this txt post. frt, im feeling lik (:>

let me no wht u thnk abt this post. ur rsponses cld rnge from bd 2 booms 2 sete. ur choice. b hnest. jst filb. tht wld b fbm. pls rply qik though, or ill go str8 >-( on u. thnks for rding. good lck dcphering. jtlyk, ths msg will b rveald in full. jst dqmot. bcs, ficcl. gmba….ybic…json.

  1. x-ray chick says:

    I think I got like 90 percent of it. NEway thx.

  2. jason says:

    awsm! it tk me a lng time to put tgther, so im gld u made n effrt!

  3. kaly says:

    i undrstd mst of it bc im awsm :]

  4. jason says:

    u r, no dbt!!

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