if i could only eat one thing the rest of my life….

Posted: October 10, 2007 in food, humor

It would be hamburgers. I love hamburgers. I love Big Macs, Double Cheeseburgers, Whoppers, Singles, Doubles, Sonic Burgers, burgers fresh off the grill, burgers cooked on the stove, medium, medium-well, well done. I like plain hamburgers. I like them with ketchup and mustard. I like them with mayo or Miracle Whip. I like them with A-1 sauce. I like lettuce and onions. I like plain buns and sesame seed buns. I even like Krystal burgers. At least I like the first 4 or 5. Then I begin to really hate them.

I’ve eaten at Whataburger in El Paso, TX. Loved it. I like Jack-in-the-Box burgers too. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of a burger I’ve eaten in my life that I didn’t like. Seriously. They’re awesome. They’re filling. Easy to hold. Easy to eat. They come in different shapes and levels of thickness. You can put a wide variety of toppings on them. Check out Cheeburger-Cheeburger if you ever get the chance…amazing burgers and tons of different toppings to choose from.

Dear God…If destruction should come to the earth, or I crash unexpectedly while flying across the ocean on a Fed-Ex airplane, and I find myself in that often referenced but terribly unrealistic position of being “stranded on a deserted island”, please God, just provide me with burgers from heaven. Or a few cows would be okay too.

  1. Emily says:

    best burger i ever had (& best fries) = Five Guys (2 locations, 1 in turkey creek, 1 off the Emory Rd. exit on 75N.)miss you guys – but we’ll see you at church on sunday!

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