corn toss…an old west folklore tradition?

Posted: October 15, 2007 in culture, humor, sports

This weekend, we went to Kentucky to visit family and see our newest nephew/cousin, Grayson, who is only 3 weeks old. On Sunday, we began our drive back to Tennessee. Not long after leaving my sister & brother-in-law’s, we drove through a town named Columbia. It has one of those cool, old timey town “circles” where there’s a big circle in the middle of town with 4 or 5 roads that branch off from it in different directions. We saw the following sign while driving on this circle:

Just to be clear, it says “Downtown Days – Folklore of the Old West Festival”. Cool, huh? A little town festival. We had these kinds of things in my home town growing up. Vendors and food stands set up. People walking around, enjoying the town. Pretty neat theme too, “Folklore of the Old West.” You would expect to see people dressed in Old West costumes, cowboys and indians, maybe some big black kettles cookin up some stew for lunch on the sidewalk.

But no. As we head down our branch off of the town circle, this is what we see:

I’m kidding, right? No. It in fact does say, “Corn Toss – Register Here.” Hmm. This must be some Old West version that we’ve never seen before, right? Maybe they take big ears of corn and throw them through tire swings hanging from old oak trees. Maybe in the 1800’s men filled canvas bags with corn and heaved them over wooden fences in an effort to build strength and stroke their egos.

But no. This is what was happening:

That’s right. A full-blown Corn Toss Tournament. From what I could see, there were 8 Corn Toss matches going on simultaneously. There was even a small crowd of spectators cheering on their friends and family. The matches were important enough that the parking lot was sealed off with top-grade, bright-yellow Caution tape.

Way to go, Columbia, Kentucky. It’s nice to know there’s a place with people who have the courage to elevate Corn Toss to the level it deserves. You’ve captured the spirit of the Old West and made our early settlers proud. I say again, way to go, Columbia, Kentucky.


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