that’s just ____ being ____

Posted: October 24, 2007 in humor, sports

Here’s a thought….when someone refers to Manny Ramirez with the phrase, “That’s just “Manny Being Manny”, they mean he’s being aloof, doing something that’s funny but hurts his team, making up his own rules, etc.

Now, insert your name. If someone says, “Ah, that’s just (your name) being (your name)”, what would they mean by that?

For instance, if someone were to say, “That’s just Jason being Jason”, here are a few things I at least think they might mean:

  • “He just pulled a well-conceived prank on somebody…and got them really good” (ask my co-workers on this one, they’ll confirm)
  • “He was just trying to be witty but ended up coming across as a jackass”
  • “He’s in a bad mood for some unknown reason…it’s not like he’s actually mad at you”
  • “He just made a comment or observation that was totally out of left field, but actually somewhat insightful”
  • “He can be a little bit of a control freak, just live with it and move on”
  • “He said something really funny, but you had to think for a minute to get it”

I’m sure there’s more that could be added to that. Some good, some bad. So…think for a minute…what would it mean if someone said that phrase about you?

  1. kaly says:

    “He’s just congratulated me on a new album, or tried to convince me that i look like avril lavigne”

    “He’s just given you all the information you could ever want on a topic”

    “He’s just thrown a frisbee on grandma’s roof”

    “He’s just decided to give brandon an n’sync calendar for christmas, or maybe even a cardboard cutout of michael jackson”

    hahaha yeahhh…

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