eli loves greg’s music

Posted: November 12, 2007 in eli, music

My friend Greg has just released two new Cd’s….”Chasing the Western Sky” and “Thirty Three”. You can check them out or buy them here. Me, Erin, and Eli went to see him perform this past Friday night at The V Cafe. He played 12 songs with a full band, it was pretty awesome.

What really blew me away was how enthralled our son Eli was. He watched the entire show. He played percussion on the table he was sitting at, bounced up and down in his chair, and even got up in front of the stage and danced to an entire song. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a camera with us. It was so funny.

This morning I was taking Eli to school. We were listening to the “Thirty Three” album in my car. During the very first song, he recognized it was Greg singing. He asked me, “Dad, why is Greg singing in our car?”

Then when the song ended, he asked, “Can we listen to another Greg song?”. Then when the second song ended, he asked again, “Can we listen to another Greg song?”. Then we made it to school. Thankfully, one of the songs we listened to was entitled, “Four Bucks.” I hope Eli listened to it closely and learned an important lesson about inflation and gross overspending.

Thanks, Greg, for your subliminal influences on my son.

  1. Greg Adkins says:

    My pleasure! Eli dancing down front was the highlight of the show for me… that was awesome.

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