dissed by my sis…

Posted: November 15, 2007 in humor, weird

Kaly – my 16 year old sister – just dissed me. On this blog. A couple of weeks ago, I offered this post. It was a challenge to think, if someone said, “That’s just (your name) being (your name)” … what would that entail about you? I offered some thoughts of what it might mean if someone were to say, “That’s just Jason being Jason.”

Yesterday, my loving sister commented on this. Here were her thoughts….about me.

“He’s just congratulated me on a new album, or tried to convince me that i look like avril lavigne”
“He’s just given you all the information you could ever want on a topic”
“He’s just thrown a frisbee on grandma’s roof”
“He’s just decided to give brandon (our 19 yr old brother) an n’sync calendar for christmas, or maybe even a cardboard cutout of michael jackson”

hahaha yeahhh…

Ok, I get it. Very funny. Veerryy funny.

Yes, I do weird things sometimes. I did give my brother an n’sync calendar for Christmas once, when he was about 17. It was funny. Kaly laughed, if I remember.

Yes, I do randomly send them postcards with Missouri landscapes and write messages that say things like, “I saw the trees on this postcard, the way they stood there, round and brown and still and perfectly spaced apart, and they reminded me of you. Love, Jason”. Is that so odd?

Yes, I did mail Kaly a cutout picture of a model from a Marie Claire catalog (that did look like her – and Avril Lavigne) and congratulated her on her new modeling career, expressed confusion as to why she didn’t tell me about it, and wished her good luck. Humorous, right?

Yes, I used to collect barf bags from airplanes, and mail them to people I knew when they were sick with notes inside that said, “thought you could use this…hope you get better.”

You can actually mail a barf bag just like it is….as long as you tape up the open end. You can also mail McDonald’s french fry boxes…put a note in the open end, fold over the arched top, tape it up, write address on the box, apply a stamp…and it mails just fine. Done this several times.

So, to my wonderful sister, who could actually pass as Avril’s little sister…and who is capable of temper fits that rival any hollywood celebrity…and who likes dating boys with car names (Bentley, Tacoma, and 525i to name a few)…and who used to run out to my car excitedly when I used to come home from college to visit…and who is anxious to pursue a career in dermatology, where she is destined to invent a creme that makes freckles disappear, unless applied unevenly, which would then cause them to turn purple…I say “nice dis”.

  1. kaly says:

    haha nice to know i helped your blogger’s block. :]

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