old school big wheels…

Posted: November 19, 2007 in eli

When I was younger, I used to have a Dukes of Hazzard style big wheel, much like this one:

It was such a blast, man. My buddy had a Knight Rider big wheel. We’d race, spin out, go down hills way too fast, spin the wheels in the rocks, all kinds of stuff. I’ve always had these unusually nostalgic memories about riding a big wheel. I’m not sure why.

Now, finally, my son is able to ride a big wheel. Erin and I actually bought him one when he was 18 months old, thinking he’d be tall enough to pedal it when he turned 2. Well, another year and half later (what were we thinking?), and he’s finally up to speed. And, yes, I realize this is not a “classic” big wheel, but there aren’t many of those around any more, so this one had to do.

It’s awesome to watch and remember how much fun I had doing the very same thing over 20 years ago. I hope he’ll also get to enjoy a cool Huffy or BMX bike, an Atari, and a whiffle ball bat and some rocks. Just like dad did.


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