a 5 week topical series

Posted: November 27, 2007 in everything else

I want to prepare you for what’s to come. From now until the end of the year, I’m going to be posting blogs on various topics. Some will be decidedly biblical topics, others may not be, most could go either way. My post title will simply be the topic for that day. Plain and simple.

Then, I’ll simply write my thoughts on that topic. I may or may not use biblical references, since I’m not really offering this as a Bible study or platform to preach. I’ll write honestly about each topic. Some things could possibly be R-rated. My words may be a little rough on some points, more refined on others.

I’m not really looking for any debate. Not looking “stir things up” in any way. But I’ll be totally open to all comments you may have, either about the topics or my thoughts on them. You should know this about me…in most areas of thought or debate, I’m pretty open to all sides of the issues. This is true of my faith as well.

There are very very few things to me which are DECIDEDLY firm (Jesus is God’s Son, God created everything, Christ died to save us, etc). On the other hand, most biblical or spirtual topics – especially those which cause so many arguments and divisions (tongues, steps of salvation, worship, gifts of the Spirit, etc) – I have always had a very open mind about. In some respects, I really don’t even care. I hope you’ll see what I mean by that over the next month.

So, that’s the deal. From now to December 31st, all my posts will follow this set up. I hope you’ll read, ponder, and share freely as you see fit. If you agree or disagree with things I have to say, that’s okay either way. I simply hope you’ll join me.


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