Topic #6 – Going to the Doctor

Posted: December 12, 2007 in healthcare

I’ve been sick the last two days. So has Eli. On Monday afternoon, we both went to the doctor. He had thrown up a couple of times but she said just to monitor him and be careful what he eats for a couple of days. I had a horribly sore throat, no strep, and was given an anti-biotic prescription.

I also went to the doctor last Friday. I wasn’t sick, but I’ve had a dry cough now for about 4-6 weeks that hasn’t gone away, and am getting tired of it. My wife works for an ear, nose, and throat group, so I was able to visit with no co-pay out of pocket.

The two doctor visits, and a prescription for my cough and one for my sore throat cost a total of $85.00. To be honest, there’s hardly ever a time when we can afford a sudden loss of $85.00. So not only have I been sick, but very frustrated as well. Not to mention the doctor on Friday ran a flexible scope up my nose, down my naval passage, and into my chest. Not enjoyable.

I’ve been to the doctor a total of 3 times this year. Before April, it had been probably almost 3 years since my last doctor visit. I hate going. Not because I don’t trust them. But because I hate getting a cold, paying $20.00 to see the doctor, then paying another $20.00-$40.00 for some medicine, only for the cold or flu to take as long to go away as it normally would. I can understand going when you’re REALLY sick or injured in a way that you can’t possibly care for yourself. But how many people go at the drop of a dime? Everytime they feel something? Everytime they get a cold? Everytime they have nausea? It’s been said that this is part of the extremely high cost of healthcare….the fact that people who have free or low cost healthcare grossly overuse it.

Sorry, I guess I’m just venting a little. Feeling mostly better now, both physically and emotionally. Throat still a little sore, and the cough is not gone. I’m very grateful for doctors. It’s hard to understand how hard they work to get to where they are. They do incredibly important things daily to help people stay alive and healthy. And although I DO believe that God can heal people even today, I’m not really one who shuns doctors as a way to fortify my faith in the healing power of God.

I just don’t like going to see them….could just be that I really hate needles?

  1. greg says:

    Amen on the needles dude. Those suck.

    Yeah, I don’t mind the co-pay.. it’s the not knowing how much insurance is going to pay on the prescription. Sometimes I get 2 or 3 medicines and it’s like 5 bucks. One time it was like $100! I told the pharmacist to cram it… I’ll stay sick for $100.

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