the imposter, once, and other tidbits

Posted: January 9, 2008 in music

Yesterday, at McKay’s Bookstore, I traded in about 9 cd’s and got $26.00 in trade credit. For $24.00 of that credit, I picked David Crowder Bands “Remedy”, Kanye West’s “Late Registation”, and Kevin Max’s “Between the Fence and the Universe” and “The Imposter.”

For those who don’t know (shame on you), Kevin Max is one of the original DC Talk members. Granted, his solo career since dc talk hasn’t quite rivaled that of Toby Mac’s. But listening to “The Imposter” over the last day has once again confirmed for me that this guy has quite possibly the greatest singing voice I’ve ever heard. I’d read good things about this album. On Amazon, the album actually has 5-star reviews from all 23 people who reviewed it. But it’s actually kind of hard to find, and I’d been looking for it at McKay’s for several months now. Yesterday, I got it for $5.95, and it was still in it’s original cellophane wrapping. If you’re not a dc talk fan (again, shame on you), don’t worry. If you can find it, you should give this album a try. It’s very poetic, smooth yet edgy, and his vocals are as clear and amazing as ever. And it leaves me hoping – more than ever before – for an eventual dc talk reunion.

Side note…I finally saw the movie “Once” yesterday on dvd. It’s gotten great reviews and it’s songs have been played during our church’s pre-service music pretty much ever since the movie came out. I was very impressed. I actually went to McKay’s hoping to find the soundtrack, and ended up with the other stuff instead. The acting was great, the plot was great, the music was incredible, and the ending left me with my hands over my face wishing for more. If you haven’t already, check it out.

PS – Kevin Max just released a brand new album entitled “The Blood“, and one of the songs features dc talk members Toby McKeehan and Michael Tait. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


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