what makes mornings worth it

Posted: January 25, 2008 in eli, family

Every weekday morning, around 7:20am, I drop Eli off at his daycare center. Sometimes he grumpily walks in, won’t hug me, and just slumps back to his friends, complaining about something that has made him angry.

Other days, we go in, take off his jacket, and he takes off, sprinting to his friends and leaving me standing there. No hug. No goodbye.

Still other days, we’ll check his cubby, go see what they have for breakfast, exchange hugs and kisses, and then when I start to leave he’ll holler at me and run to give me another hug before I go.

Some days – not nearly as much anymore – he’ll cry when I leave and plead for me not to go. Then a teacher will have to hold him while I exit.

This morning, we went inside…took off his coat…switched his shoes back over to the correct feet after he had put them on by himself at home…went over to the breakfast table to pick which cereal he would like to eat…he took off one of his shoes (that we had just fixed) in order to show Ms. Rachel his Incredibles socks…then we hugged.

Then I said, “You have a good day, okay?”
And he replied, “Okay, dad, you have a good work.”

And that makes mornings worth it.


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