things i’d like to see happen before i die…

Posted: January 30, 2008 in humor, soap box

I’m 31 years old. I’ll be 32 in 3 months. I’d like to estimate that I’ve got about 45-50 years left on this earth, God willing. This is a non-comprehensive list of things I’d like to see become reality before I take my last breath.

I’d like to see…

  • automobiles that are affordable and do not run on fuel.
  • a unified church that truly begins focusing the bulk of its time and resources outward rather than inward, effectively eliminating hunger and untreated disease throughout the world.
  • up close, vivid, detailed pictures of Saturn. Eli absolutely loves Saturn. I think it’s his favorite planet.
  • at least 3 more completely new and unique “fashion trends” – none of the recycling of old fashion trends and making them new again.
  • universal shoe sizing. Why is it that, depending on the shoe brand, I sometimes have to try on a 10M, 10W, 10.5M, 10.5W, or an 11M just to find one that fits right. If my foot is a 10W, then I should buy a 10W, regardless of the brand. But it never works that way. That’s ridiculous.
  • an overall reduction in average home sizes. How many families of 2-4 across our nation live in 3000 sq ft or larger homes? How much space is really necessary to live comfortably?
  • reruns of The Cosby Show still airing when I’m 50 years old. I have a feeling that show will be even funnier to me then. Which would be difficult, consider how funny it still is to me now.
  • a revolutionary trend of churches “combining” as opposed to “splitting”. How cool would that be?
  • cell phones that are nothing but small ear pieces. That’s it. It would be completely voice activated, and you would never need to touch it, except to take it off.
  • free or truly affordable health care coverage for ALL. I don’t care how. But in the 21st century, if a person is sick or injured, they should be able to get treatment without worrying about bankruptcy, a court date, or bill collectors.
  • Michael W. Smith release his 28th studio album in 2032, entitled, “1982 – 2032, The First Half Century“.
  • Steven Curtis Chapman steal MWS’s limelight by releasing his 29th studio album a week later, entitled, “The Last Adventure“.
  • at least one grandchild that I can totally spoil.
  • Eli grow up and do whatever the heck God wants him to do with his life…regardless of the location or money. There’s nothing more fulfilling than doing the work of Christ.
  • an honest, serious, practical review and revision of the US Constitution. It’s an incredible document, don’t get me wrong. But how long are we going to ignore that the right to bear arms was based on the fact that the country had been through years of war, there was practically no law enforcement, and that enemy soldiers might walk onto your land, kill you and your family, and take your stuff at will. Or that freedom of speech was revolutionary because you could be hung for saying something derogatory about the royal family of England. Not wholesale changes…just making sure that this dynamic document adapts to cover the realities of our changing culture.
  • anything without wearing contacts or glasses. I’ve been of poor sight since the 3rd grade, and it would be nice to be rid of that at some point. But I’m scared of Lasic…and it’s expensive.
  • my waistline when I’m standing up.

So, what am I missing here?

    1. x-ray chick says:

      No fair, I turn 32 next friday!

      I want to see a change in the poverty rates in the united states. We have so much money in this country, yet there are so many with so little.

      I want homelessness abolished.

      No American should ever, ever, have to go without a meal.

      I want restaurants to reflect real portion sizes and serve more fruits and vegetables and less starch.

      I want more of God’s will and less of mine.

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