guitar separation blues

Posted: February 4, 2008 in music, worship

My guitar is pictured to the right. I bought it in the fall of 1999. It’s a limited edition, Takamine Santa Fe model. Each year, Takamine makes a Santa Fe style that is exclusive to that year. Mine is a 1999 exclusive. If I remember right, it cost me about $1100.00. I got about $400.00 out of a Yamaha (my first guitar) that I sold to a friend of a friend, so my net expenditure was really only $700.00. Still. A lot of money.

This guitar is sweet. The design is beautiful, it’s got a fully digital pick-up with a built in tuner, reverb, and pre-settable EQ levels. And it sounds awesome. All Takamine’s do.

The problem is, over the last 5 years, I’ve BARELY touched my guitar. Seriously. I think I’ve played it about 4 times in 5 years. I used to play all the time when I was involved in the worship ministries at previous churches. That basically ended in 2002. And I’ve never enjoyed playing just for the sake of playing. The whole reason I taught myself to play back in the mid-90’s was to play for youth groups, church camp, and in worship services within the church. Once that opportunity ended, so did my motivation to play music.
I toyed with selling it. This picture, taken back in May 2007, was one of several I took to put a flyer together to try and sell the guitar, case, cords, stand, and pedals as a package deal. I didn’t really try that hard to advertise it, and it did not sell.
So now I’m struggling with whether or not to pick it back up again. I’ll be extremely rusty. Any callouses my fingers ever developed are long gone. I wonder if I’ll even have the time to devote to practicing again. Yet, somewhere deep down, I know I want to. I want to play all the great worship songs that have impacted me over the last few years. I want to play during my quiet times, even singing spontaneous songs of worship to God. I want to spike my hair, put on some cool glasses, and play while standing on my bed, imagining that I’m David Crowder, leading worship under disco strobe lights with some funky record scratching going on in the background. I’d like to think that if I devote myself again, that in a couple of years I could play better than I ever had before. We shall see. I just don’t know. But I’ll make sure and update you if I do.
  1. Eoobro says:

    Man, don’t let it go. It’s like a member of your family. It’d be like putting your son on Ebay. It’s just wrong. Take some time…give it some love…it will all come back. The fire isn’t gone, it’s just a little dim…rekindle the relationship. The relationship between a man and his instrument is a special bond that can’t be explained.

  2. ERIN says:

    EVERYONE, PLEASE HELP ME CONVINCE HIM TO TAKE IT UP AGAIN!!! It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with him! I miss it.

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