a meat eating vegetarian?

Posted: February 18, 2008 in lifestyle, vegetarian

Trevor – a friend from church, we’re in a small group together – is a vegetarian. Has been for about a year or so. Which is pretty difficult when you’re a Bible college student and the cafeteria serves mainly crap. I think he eats a lot of cereal.

A couple of weeks ago during small group, he explained to me his decision (along with his girlfriend) to become a vegetarian, why they did it, how it’s changed him, what rules he follows, etc. Overall, he’s definitely very “green” conscious, recycles, and has true concern for the health of the environment. I have to admit I was about as knowledgable as the next over-indulging meat-eater when it comes to the vegetarian lifestyle. Which is to say I knew almost nothing.

But I’m glad to admit that Trevor really opened my eyes in some positive ways. Although I don’t yet have a desire to become a “true” vegetarian, I have decided to make a concerted effort to drastically reduce my meat consumption. Since I’m not much on seafood anyway, this would mainly apply to chicken and beef. This weekend, I bought tofu at the grocery store for the first time in my life. I’ve researched cooking and preservation methods for tofu and am anxious to start giving it a real effort.

To be honest, Super Size Me and Fast Food Nation had both served to peaked my interest over the last couple of years, I just never followed up on it. I’ve always eaten WAY too much fast food, have considered meat to be the main course of any good hearty meal, and quite frequently eaten myself into a slow and painful stomach ache. All of which is stupid and contrary to a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway. I’m gonna give this an honest effort. More vegetables and grains. Way less meat. Absolutely minimal fast food. It’s healthier for me. It’s healthier for the environment. And, as much as anything, I think it will simply make me feel better about myself.
  1. x-ray chick says:

    Please don’t tell me you are researching a Tofurkey for Thanksgiving.

    I definitely agree about less fast food.

    Have you looked into “organic” meat sources?

    Whole grains rock.

  2. The Adkins Family says:

    Dude, what’s next? You gonna grow your hair into dreadlocks and start listening to Phish?

    Please don’t go all hippie on me. there are a lot of things I can tolerate in a friendship but being a big dirty hippie isn’t one of them.

    What about your post on your deep love for the almighty cheeseburger? Have you forgotten your first love? Can you honestly look cheeseburger in the eye and tell him it’s over between you? If you can look him in the eye and say that, I’ll believe you… but I don’t think you can. You know you still love him. Just admit it.

  3. jason says:

    yes, yes, i understand. i’ve always kept my hair very short and couldn’t even tell you the name of a song by Phish. and no tofurkery for me. and I am going to give the ole veggie-burger a try.

    the idea (for me) is not to cast the cheeseburger into hell, but to maybe eat one every couple of weeks, rather than 2 or 3 every week. or to get the regular 90 cent cheeseburger instead of getting 2 double cheeseburgers. moderation. reduced intake. overall, doable, liveable, healthier eating.

    and your comment reminded me of the “Cheeseburger Song” from Veggie Tales – very very funny song.

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