you tube addiction

Posted: February 20, 2008 in blogosphere, humor, you tube

Have you given thought to what we would do….we, the blogging, internet dependent nation of clones…if You Tube had never come along?

What would we laugh about? Would our senses of humor have ceased to evolve? How many posts could we possibly come up with on our own? How would we watch things – like the slam dunk contest or a series of Tiger Wood’s Top 10 shots – that we either don’t have access to or are not able/willing to pay for? What would we do when we get bored at work? Have we forgotten that there was once a time when people truly worked at least 8 hours each day?

I love reading things like, “I was doing some research the other day, and I came across this video on You Tube.” Isn’t that at least a little like saying, “I needed some insight on America’s unhealthly love of sports, so I spent the day playing basketball on my X-Box.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m guilty too. But it almost feels like I took a nap and woke up and suddenly You Tube ruled the world. And we’re all willing servants in its widespread rule.

  1. greg says:

    Dude, that crowd on the 16th in Phoenix when he hits that hole in one is just totally insane. I’d never seen that one before… that was incredible. I’ve never seen a crowd like that in golf… that was like UT vs. Florida in Neyland stadium!

  2. jason says:

    No kidding. Here’s what I love. To my knowlegde, Tiger only has 2 “official” holes-in-one in tournament play on the PGA tour. And they both came in his first full year on tour back in 96-97.

    Here was the most hyped golfer ever to come on tour, and, as if he needed any more fanfare, he hits two holes in one in his first year, and one of them was at Phoenix with the most raucous crowd the PGA sees each year. It’s almost ridiculous.

  3. greg says:

    Everything about Tiger’s career is completely ridiculous.. that’s why we like him so much! Did you see what he did yesterday in the match play? 3 down with 5 to go and he goes birdie-birdie-birdie-eagle to win.

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