MY guitar hero

Posted: March 3, 2008 in eli, family
We went to Kentucky this weekend to visit my family. We’re trying to visit every 2-3 months so we can see our nephew/cousin, Grayson, grow up. Here’s a picture of Eli and Grayson:

But, there was another highlight to this trip. We do not own a video game system at our home. The last one I owned was an original Playstation that I ended up selling about 6 years ago. I hope to hold off as long as humanly possible before Eli gets a game system for himself.

My sister and brother-in-law, however, own a Nintendo Wii. And while we were there this weekend, Rodney went out and bought Guitar Hero III. We all had fun playing and laughing and making fun of each other’s lack of skillzz. But when it was Eli’s turn to take it on, holy cow. He watched others play and did a great job of being patient and waiting his turn. When the time came, his aunt Kari Jo took care of the “strumming”, while Eli’s job was to hit the colored buttons.

After going through a “slow” practice session, we let him go through a practice song at the full speed. I believe the song was “Slow Ride.” And my little homeboy hit 25% of the notes! And Kari will probably admit that some of the misses were from her strumming, not his misses, so he may very well have gotten over 30% of the notes at full speed.

But not only that, he was TOTALLY into it. He was screaming out the colors when he changed them, jumping up and down, frantically getting to the next color button in time, grunting. It was freaking hilarious. And he never let down either, even though the songs on that game last forever. It was a blast. I certainly hope he’s got some actual music skills as he gets older.

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