my ncaa heinz ketchup bracket

Posted: March 21, 2008 in sports

I did not enter an NCAA bracket pool. I will lose if I do. But here’s how I filled out my personal bracket for this year:

I automatically picked each #1 seed to go to the Sweet 16. For all other games, from the 1st round through the championship game, I flipped a Heinz ketchup packet. If it landed ketchup-bottle-picture up, I chose the team at the top of each bracket. If it landed white-side up, I chose the team at the bottom of each bracket.

At this time, I’m currently 11 for 20 on my Heinz ketchup packet picks. My Final Four are Notre Dame, Villanova, Temple (oops), and UCLA. And I have Temple (oops) beating Notre Dame in the final game. Oh, the craziness of March Madness!
  1. x-ray chick says:

    I thought at first you drew your bracket out in Heinz ketchup.

    Yeah, I could really care less about NCAA, but this sounds like a fun way to do a bracket to me…

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