Caedmon’s Call

Posted: March 24, 2008 in music

A couple of days ago, I was thinking to myself, “you know (Jason), some day down the road, Caedmon’s Call is going to call it quits, and no longer continue making new music.”

I’m not sure why the thought came. What I do know is that it made me terribly sad to think about it.

I can remember being introduced to their music in July 1997 at a week of church camp. I remember listening to “Long Line of Leavers” for the first time while driving in Michigan in the fall of 2000. I recall seeing them live for the first time around 1999 and marveling at the use of 30 gallon trash cans on stage during the performance of “Thankful.” I’ve been fortunate enough to see them live 3 times. There are times when watching them that I can’t take my eyes off the percussion guy, who plays about 20 different things over the course of a concert. They have at least 2 dozen songs that I’ve listened to over and over and over and over and have never gotten tired of.

So, with GREAT stress, frustration, changing of my mind, changing it again, and again, and finally just going with what I had…I’ve compiled my Top Ten favorite Caemon’s songs. A few things of note … I have not heard the entire “Share the Well” album yet, so I have nothing to offer from it. There are no songs on my list from the 2nd Company of Angels album, as I find that to be my least favorite by far. I’m not including the Derek Webb solo albums…if I did, a couple of his songs would almost definitely crack the Top Ten. I’ve always liked best the songs sung by Danielle Young, and/or the songs written by Derek Webb. Finally, I should say that my list started with 26 songs. From there I narrowed it down to 18. And with great pain, I finally whiddled it down to 10. It made my brain hurt.
So, here it goes, in order from 10th place to 1st place….
10. Sacred (from Overdressed)
9. The Emptiest Day (from Back Home)
8. You Created (from Back Home)
7. Climb On (from 40 Acres)
6. God of Wonders (from In the Company of Angels I)
5. What You Want (from Long Line of Leavers)
4. Prepare Ye the Way (from Long Line of Leavers)
3. Not the Land (from Caedmon’s Call)
2. Close of Autumn (from Caedmon’s Call)
1. Somewhere North (from 40 Acres)
What are your thoughts on Caedmon’s? Any memories? Favorite songs? Hottest band member?
  1. The Anonymous Human says:

    My first experience with Caedmon’s was at a youth group I would go to once in a while. They used to sing “this world” ALL THE TIME. I didn’t like it, therefor, I didn’t like Caedmon’s Call.

    Fast forward about ten years and my buddy introduces my to “she must and shall go free”. I can’t say that I’m a huge Call fan. But Derek Webb is amazing.

  2. x-ray chick says:

    I never listened to them until I got a free download. I like the song “expecations” its from their newest album.

    So, if you feel like sharing some Caedmons, I am up for it.

    Looking for some new group to cling on.

  3. barb michelen says:

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  4. bill says:

    one time i emceed a derek webb/sandra mccracken concert at new city cafe.

    i went backstage to pray with the musicians before the show started (which was a tradition at new city). when i asked them if they wanted to pray, derek said (and was totally serious), “actually man, no. we believe in the whole ‘pray without ceasing’ thing. it just doesn’t feel right to us to just throw up a prayer right before we go up on stage like a kid who prays to get an “A” right before taking a test.”

    i said…”cool”. and left thinking, “what the crap was that?”

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