Cankles & The Atomic Leg Drop

Posted: April 21, 2008 in humor, politics

Steve asks, “Life Recaptured (LR), I hear a lot of references to Hillary Clinton’s cankles?  Can you explain what cankles are and why it’s apparently a big deal to people?”

Great question Steve.  Cankles refers to the unsightly melding of the “calves” and “ankles”.  In Hillary’s case, her calves and ankles are both humongous, and sort of look like one continuous tree trunk.  See the picture?  Pretty scary. 

It’s funny because she’s a woman.  She’s classy.  She’s extremely smart.  She’s running for president.  And her calves are roughly the size of Hulk Hogan’s, circa 1986.  And remember, the Hulkster used to finish off his opponents with the atomic leg drop, using his massives calf and thigh to literally rend them unconscious upon his descent. 

In terms of their relevance to her possible presidency, it is nice to know that, if smack comes to smack, Hillary has the physical tools necessary to personally crush any wartime opponent. 

Your Friend…LR


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