Pimp Smack

Posted: April 25, 2008 in church, humor, soap box, sports

Listen up Clones…for the first time ever, I got to hear almost all of the annual Jim Rome “smack off” today.  And it was FREAKING AWESOME.  Just the idea that a bunch of loser, sport-talk junkies (like myself), can concentrate long enough to write a no-suck-take and actually deliver it over the airwaves, with millions of people listening, without spontaneously barfing into their post-lunch bowl of Frosted Flakes, gives me hope.  With callers like Vic in No-Call, Doc Mike, Greg in Vegas, Silk, Iafrate, Jay Moir (yes, the comedian), Rachel (ERRRR!!) Rodney in Houston, that sumbitch Bodie from Texas, and Terrance from Sierra Madre, how can you go wrong? 

The winner?  Iafrate (pronounced I-A-Fraitee), his second such win in the smack off, with his first coming in 2004.  I’ve written a couple of takes in the past and tried to get through to the show (not during the smack off), but after over an hour on hold each time, I sadly hung up.  Listening to the smack off today has resparked my interest in giving it another try.  I need a moniker though.  Something better than Jason in Knoxville.  Something like Jaybo from K-Town, Silent Killa (and I would never talk loud or yell), or Mother Hubbard (sike).

Anyway, War Pacman getting beat up by a scrip-club bouncer.  War black box offering containers.  And War my small group not hitting any more moving (or parked) cars and making the driver of said moving car angry while we throw frisbee in the apartment area parking lot before Bible study.  I’m out.

  1. Jeph says:

    Like the wordpress. I’ve been tinkering with going with it myself. Not sure exactly how to use it, but I like it.

    Hope you been doing good. Also, how come Bill and Mark talk a lot about disc golf, but, back in the day, you were the best I knew at it?!?!? How come I don’t hear more stories like, “well, had a good day but my friend Jason still ripped me up”??

    Come on! Tell me you still got game!

  2. Jason says:

    Yo man, nice to hear from you. Here’s the thing…when I was the best you knew, we were always playing short/shot making type courses. I’m still pretty stinking good at those….back in September, at Warrior’s Path, Michael N. only beat me by like 2 or 3 strokes, and we were both around 10 under. Problem is, nobody’s into Admiral anymore…it’s always Victor Ashe or Morningside, which have some holes with serious length, and I just don’t have the “umph” to hang on those. I think Bill & I are pretty even, but we’ve only played about 2 or 3 times together.

    Also, remember hole # 1 that you aced back in the day? That hole no longer exists, dude! They put in this gigantic playground area there and moved the first hole to the open field near the parking lot. What a bummer….made it difficult for me to explain to everyone exactly what the hole you aced actually looked like.

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