A Dietary Soft Drink Prayer

Posted: April 29, 2008 in faith, food, lifestyle

Dear God,

This is a difficult thing for me to ask.  I’ve grown up – my WHOLE life – eating sweets, drinking sugary drinks, occasionally binging on honey buns, and pretty much loving all of it.  In fact, during 3 years of college, EVERY Friday when I would leave school to head off to a weekend ministry, I would stop at the local Super America gas station, fill up the car, and buy a Mountain Dew and a Honey Bun for the road.  Every week.  It was one of the things I most looked forward to. 

But now, with great pain and humility, I ask that you might help me develop a taste, and maybe even an enjoyment, of … diet soft drinks, unsweet tea, and room temperature drinking water.  Frankly, it just doesn’t make much sense to “drink” that many calories each day.  In my case, probably an average of 300-500 calories each day come from drinking.  That’s about 3000 calories a week.  Whew.

God, I realize, for me, that this is a lot like asking for an enjoyment of cold showers, looking forward to having blood drawn, seeking a greater appreciation of heavy metal music, or asking for a weekend off to watch an Oprah Winfrey marathon.  But I am serious.  And you are the true and only God.  So anything is possible.  I mean, the Atlanta Hawks just tied up the series with the Boston Celtics at 2-2.  ANYTHING is possible. 

So please help me.  Help me fight through the gag reflex.  Help me overcome the initial complete lack of taste.  Help me see the big picture.  To understand how much healthier I could be simply by drinking differently, and to know that after a few weeks it will likely begin to taste good.  And thanks for being available at all times for anything.  Even something as insignificant as trying to switch to non-sugar drinks.  That’s truly one of the things that make You so amazing. 


  1. meriambull says:

    You can do this! I did it a year ago and lost 15 pounds! Ron also hates diet soda, but if I put a lemon wedge in a Diet Coke he’ll drink it. The packaged Diet Coke with Lemon is not near as good. Diet Pepsi with Lemon taste like furniture polish. Well, it tastes like the smell of furniture polish anyway. Also try a splash of orange soda in it. (Not HiC Orange drink, it has to be carbonated.) It only takes a couple of weeks to get used to it. If you can go six weeks without meat, you can make this switch!

  2. bill says:

    diet cherry coke did the trick for me. and now they have cherry coke zero…that craps gotta be good. and, of course, if you ever want to wax poetic about the blessed goodness that is diet mountain dew…you know who to come to!

  3. Jason says:

    Hmm, drinking the smell of furniture polish sounds awesome. I think I may start with unsweet tea – which I’m not fond of but know I can handle – and gradually switch to the diet soft drinks. Bill, you drink so much of that stuff I think you’ve gradually started sweating diet mountain dew. You’ll soon look like Kevin Garnett on the Gatorade commercials, little bright green beads running down your face while you lead worship. The community will just assume it’s a cool lighting trick.

  4. jeph says:

    Diet Mt. Dew…the only thing that doesn’t taste like crap if you ask me.

  5. Shelley says:

    I gave up pop all together… stick with water.

    How I got to really like room temp water was have my tonsils out. It is the best, after a few days you won’t really miss it.

    I also get crystal light.

  6. Shelley says:

    I gave up pop all together… stick with water.

    How I got to really like room temp water was have my tonsils out. It is the best, after a few days you won’t really miss it.

    I also get crystal light.

  7. anyssa says:

    you need to drink coke zero…it’s fantastic. 🙂

  8. Jason says:

    hey anyssa! yeah, just had me some cherry coke zero today…actually pretty drinkable, i was impressed!

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