Smart Fix 40

Posted: May 1, 2008 in culture, nature / environment, politics, soap box, vehicles

Smart Fix 40?  Now there’s an oxymoron, a paradox, a minimalization, and a misnomer all rolled into one. 

Here are some more appropriate names:  “We Keep Fixing 40”, “We Never Built 40 The Right Way To Begin With”, “Eternally Detouring Around 40”, “Making You Late to Work for 40 Years”, “40 Ways to Repair a Highway in One Decade”, “Build Roads, Not Schools”, “Can 40 Really Be Fixed”, or “The, Hey, Out of Town Passerby-er, Do You Happen to Keep Excedrin in Your Glovebox Because You’re About to Try to Drive Through Knoxville and You’re Never Going to Want to See Us Again, Smart Fix 40 Project.” 

I have an idea.  How about “Let’s Build 400 Miles of Bike Paths So People Can Exercise, Be Environmentally Friendly, and Save Gas Money at the Same Time Without Worrying About Being Mauled by a Hummer”.  Is anyone lobbying for that project during the governmental budget meetings? 


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