BVD Tour Stop XI

Posted: May 14, 2008 in BVD Tour, culture, soap box

You might be thinking, “Jason, this isn’t really a new tour stop.  You just posted a BVD Tour picture with Team Kelsey yesterday, with the Sunsphere in the background.  That’s cheating.”  Simmer down, now, simmer down.  It’s not cheating.  You may just now be noticing, but this is the FREAKING SUNSPHERE.  It’s its own unique spectacle.  Go ahead, click this link, and marvel in its historical beauty.  This is like taking a picture on the outskirts of the Rocky Mountains, with the white peaks visible in the background, and then taking a picture ON the highest, most dangerous peak in the range.  Are those experiences the same, I ask?  No, they most certainly are not.  In the Team Kelsey photo, could you appreciate the true girth of the Sunsphere?  Could you experience the full admiration of it’s wonder?  Did you rub your eyes in amazement (as you certainly are now), dumbfounded as to how such an amazing feat of human ingenuity could possibly have been resurrected in this humble East Tennessee valley, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains?  No, you could not. 

Small disclaimer – it was pretty cloudy when my friend Cory laid on his back on the cold concrete to take this stunning photo, so the clarity and shimmer of the Sunsphere are not at their pinnacle.  But does visiting the Grand Canyon on a rainy day diminish its wonder?  If you visit the Graceland mansion during colder weather, do you suddenly cease to experience the presence of the king?  Should you go snorkeling off the coast of Tahiti when the waters are “slightly” murky, does not the beauty of ocean life still overwhelm you?  I think not.  In fact, I almost think if this picture were clearer, you may not be able to look at it for more than a few seconds.  You might be suddenly blinded, your optic system rendered useless by the blazing glory of the Sunsphere.  Knoxville readers…do you have an hour to spare this week?  Visit the Sunsphere.  Do it.  Do it.  Don’t wait.  Outside of Knoxville readers…do what you have to do to make this journey.  Vacation day, sick day, sabatical, a pretend wedding of an old college friend, it doesn’t matter.  It will be worth it. 

  1. bill says:

    this is THE picture. its gonna be hard to top…but i know you can do it.

    by the way…for those of you who read this post and thought, “geez jason, tone down the hyberbole. ever heard of over-exaggeration?” i must tell you that he is in no way exaggerating the greatness of this monument. 10 years ago the very sight of the sunsphere changed my life.

  2. Greg says:

    You guys know that you can go up it for free, right? Just get on the elevator and go up to the observation deck. I’ve taken Connor twice and he loves it… it’s very cool.

  3. Shelley says:

    The brilliance of the sunsphere takes away from the brilliance of the BVDs. I think I might have to plan a road trip!!!!

  4. Jason says:

    YOU CAN GO UP AND BE INSIDE THE SUNSPHERE!!!???? Yeah, I know, I’ve been up twice myself. However, I just didn’t think a picture from inside the Sunsphere would be nearly as eternally impressive as one from underneath it.

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