BVD Tour Stop XIII

Posted: May 19, 2008 in BVD Tour

As you head south out of Knoxville on Chapman Highway, you eventually reach a point where Knox County, Blount County, and Sevier County all sort of merge together as one.  That is where I am in this photo.  I’m standing on the side of Chapman Highway (not necessarily the safest thing to do).  I’m actually standing in Blount County.  See the ridge behind me?  That’s Knox County.  And about 150 yards in the opposite direction, the direction in which I’m facing, is Sevier County. 

Now, as to the significance of this spot.  Hmm.  There is none.  There is nothing in this area of any interest that I can possibly think of.  In fact, it’s mostly old and rundown looking, with lots of junk car lots and weedy ditches on the side of the road.  And I’ve never once visited “Susie’s”.  But it seemed important to give “south Knoxville” at least a little pub on the BVD Tour, so, well, here it is.  Thanks to my wife for taking the photo, and to Eli for obediently staying in the car.  I guess me telling him that a car might run over him if he got out made an impression! =/


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