BVD Tour Stop XIX – Disc Golf – The Final Frontier

Posted: June 6, 2008 in BVD Tour, sports

Okay, this post will complete EVERY BVD photo I’ve taken to date.  There are no more.  And unless some really, really, really good photo opportunties present themselves, there could very well be no more.  We’ll see.

Back in early 1999, Greg and I decided to give disc golf a try.  We knew nothing about it, except that, at the time, he lived pretty much across the road from a 9 hole course (Admiral Park) here in Knoxville.  We went to Play It Again Sports, randomly picked 1 disc each, having no clue as to what we were choosing, except that they said “DRIVER”, which sounded like they would travel a long way, and off we went.  What began as curiousity soon bloomed into a several months obsession.  I would say we played Admiral Park, on average, at least twice a week.  We got better.  We got new discs.  We lost discs in the woods.  We found other ones.  We practiced.  We ended up making a couple of day long trips to Warrior’s Path in Kingsport to play a true, professional style course.  It was awesome.  And then it ended.  And then, until last summer, I basically had not played in roughly 8 years.  I’m not obsessed anymore.  I realize my limitations.  But it’s still a fun sport. 

So, in recognition of my disc golf roots, I took a short photo tour of Admiral Park.  It was a little dark and a little muddy the day I went out, so I didn’t walk though all of the wooded areas to take photos.  I did however take a picture of hole number 1 (where I’m holding the BVD) and hole number 2 (where there is both a shot of the basket, and a shot back through the woods while I’m standing beside the basket – oh yeah, and that’s where I record my first and only disc golf hole in one!).  The other shots are mainly open field areas of the course.  And notice I’ve circled any baskets that were visible in the shots.  Overall, it’s short and fun course, and a great place to learn to play. 

Another cool note.  The day I went to take the photos (during my lunch break), there were two guys teeing off on the first hole.  I asked if they would take my picture.  The guy who took it asked about the BVD’s.  I told him.  He said, “Oh, where do you go to church?”.  I told him.  He said, “oh yeah, Mark Nelson is your pastor right?  I know Mark.  We’ve met at Panera’s a couple of times and played some disc golf together.”  His name was Jeff Fulmer, who’s a pastor at another “portable” church here in Knoxville, Mountain Ridge.  Wild, huh?  But that kind of stuff has been happening throughout the BVD Tour, so I shouldn’t be surprised.  Anyway…enjoy the photos…and thanks for having supporting the tour.  It’s been fun.


  1. bjangsta says:

    Cool photos. Victor Ashe Park is a champion style course in Knoxville.

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