In the Market For a Bike (??)

Posted: June 25, 2008 in lifestyle, vehicles

We’re (sort of) in the market (beginning stages) for bikes.  Sort of as in it looks like we’ll have to spend AT LEAST $400.00 to get 2 decent bikes, helmets, locks, and a bike rack.  And that sounds like (and is) a LOT of dough to me.  To get something more name brand and consumer rated, that cost goes up to about $800.00.

But I know little to nothing about today’s bikes.  What makes the $150.00 one so different from the $400.00 one.  Mountain, urban, hybrid, road, which is better?  There are no less than 12 good, namebrand bike makes.  Which are better and why?  Why do bikes have SO many stinking speeds?  I keep reading all over the web about customers who like their bikes but have problems with gear slippage all the time.  How long do brakes last?  I’m not a fan of handle brakes, I always liked the standard pedal back brake so much better.  How often do they need tuning up, and how much does that cost?  What type of other “maintenance” costs can you expect?  What bike racks are good, and which suck?  Will Knoxville ever start creating actual bike paths on the roadways, rather than just building greenways? 

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.  Do you have a bike?  What kind?  Where did you get it?  Has it been good quality?  What brand should we lean toward?  What accessories will we need to keep on hand?  Anything else you can think of? 

  1. jakeck says:


    i have a friend in Arizona who is into the whole bike thing. His website is His name is chris. Stop by his site and ask him questions. I’m sure he’d love to talk bikes with you.


  2. Jason says:

    thanks man, good idea. yeah, i’ve linked to his blog a couple of times from yours…enjoyed some good camp injury stories there.

  3. michaelCODY says:

    Get an electric one. Red. Like Pee-Wee’s.

  4. Jason says:

    an electric bike would be ideal. no peddling. that i could get into.

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