Movie Ratings – Part IV

Posted: July 1, 2008 in tv & movies

And on we go….

No Country For Old Men.  If I’m ever a redneck cowboy, living in the desert, and I come across a bunch of shot up vehicles with dead people in them….I’m not investigating the scene.  Nope.  I’m out of there.  The last thing I need is a guy with a cow-killing air gun and an advanced silencer Uzi coming after me.  But, damn, was it interesting to watch.  My Rating:  Not the best Oscar winning movie ever, but a worthy winner nonetheless.  So you gotta see it.  Just be ready to hide your face.  

Bridge to Terabithia.  This might be one of my favorite fantasy-style movies since The Neverending Story.  It reminded me of my youth, when my friends and I used to tramp through the farms, building castles out of hay, finding adventure in a small creek, sword fighting with tobacco sticks.  A gut-wrenching but heart warming ending.  My Rating:  As far as movies with “Bridge” in the title go, it’s MUCH better than “The Bridge – A Movie About the Controversial Church of Scientology.

Once.  Simple.  One of the best movies I’ve ever seen.  One of the most gut-wrenching endings I’ve ever seen.  One of the most believable, real, honest, clever, romantic stories you’ll find.  Is that enough to convince you?  My Rating:  SEE THIS MOVIE.  It was the highest critically rated movie of 2007.  Seriously.  SEE THIS MOVIE.

Fracture.  Anthony Hopkins has certainly done better movies (not counting The Edge).  Ryan Gosling has certainly done better movies (ever see The Notebook or Half Nelson?).  Fracture?  Yeah, this movie is fractured.  Had some promise.  Didn’t see it through.  My Rating:  Rent Half Nelson instead.  I’m not reviewing it officially, but you’ll get to see Gosling in a fantastic role.  And you won’t cry as hard as you did watching The NotebookSeriously.  I still cry just thinking about The Notebook.

  1. jakeck says:

    Gonna have to go with “bridge over the river kwai” as my favorite ‘bridge’ movie. Alec Guiness. William Holden. And a wonderfully catchy melody.

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