Movie Ratings – Part VI

Posted: July 30, 2008 in my experiences, tv & movies

Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull.  The Ark of the Covenant, The Cross of Coronado, various ancient artifacts, The Holy Grail…and space aliens.  That’s exactly what I want from my archeological adventurer movie.  Space aliens.  Oh yeah, have I mentioned I’m not a big fan of Shia Lebouf?  My Rating:  I would say it’s about the fourth best movie in the Indiana Jones series. 

Bella.  Do you ever go to rent a movie, and you see that movie you’ve never heard of, but all over the movie cover are raving critical quotes, film festival award symbols, and enough stars to make you think you’re dizzy?  And sometimes you take a chance and rent it.  And it ends up sucking?  And sometimes you take a chance and rent it.  And it’s really really good and you’re so glad you took a chance?  My Rating:  We took a chance and rented this movie.  And I’m really really glad we took the chance

Wanted.  I’ve always thought Angelina Jolie was a good looking woman.  But I never really considered her to be “hot”.  Until now.  And somewhere along the way, over the last couple of years, I’ve grown to be a BIG fan of James McAvoy.  He’s of the same ilk as Ryan Gosling.  You don’t really think about them much in terms of being big time actors, but, man, are they good.  And would somebody please tell the movie industry to stop casting Common in movie roles?  He’s total dead weight on the screen.  And, as much as I like Morgan Freeman, is it really necessary for him to be in 68% of the movies I’ve seen in the last 5 years?  My Rating:  It’s totally far fetched and unbelievable….but it’s a LOT of fun to watch.

The Dark Knight.  Okay.  Erin and I went to see last weekend, its second weekend in theaters.  We wanted to see it in IMAX.  We showed up at the theater at 2:30pm in hopes of seeing the 3:40pm IMAX show.  It was already sold out.  In addition, the 7:00pm IMAX show was already sold out.  And so was the 3:10pm showing, which was the next show in the regular theater.  So we got tickets for the 4:10pm show.  Then, beginning at 3:00pm, she and I started the line for the 4:10pm show.  Yep, first in line.  By 3:30pm the line was about 150-200 people deep/thick, and by 3:40pm the 4:10pm show was sold out.  But then, at the glorious time of 3:50pm, the barrier was opened, and we were the first ones in the theater, getting the select choice of seats (which was about 5 rows up, dead in the middle).  By 4:00pm, the theater was almost full.  Around 4:10pm, just before the previews, the idiotic movie goers who think it’s no big deal to show up right at the movie starting time show up, and have that oh-so-funny “oh crap” look on their faces as they realize it’s the neck-cricking seats for them this afternoon.  (One of Jason’s big pet peeves – not showing up early to movies.  Seriously.  If I can’t be in the theater about 10-15 minutes before the scheduled show time, I don’t want to go.)  Then we watched the movie.  And I was proud of myself for having the strength and stamina to hold off going to the bathroom for the last 80 minutes of the movie.  It hurt, but it was worth it.  My Rating:  Do you really need me to rate this movie?  Even if I thought it was so-so or not-that-great, you know you have to see it anyway.  And if I think it’s the greatest movie since Titanic, then I’m just riding the bandwagon.  So who cares?  You’ve probably already seen it twice anyway.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I loved Bella! And you’re right, the Indiana Jones movie sucked! Good thing my uncle bought my ticket or I would’ve demanded my money back.

  2. Michael says:

    You should watch Crossroads with Ralph Macchio, before his karate kid days. Awesome movie.

  3. jeph says:

    you still need to speak your thoughts about the dark knight. you’re not getting out of this…i demand it.

  4. Jason says:

    Ok. I definitely liked it. Saw it twice, which is enough for me….unlike the 6 times I saw Titanic in the theater. The bigness, the grandeur, the action, the fight scenes, the gadgetry, and the acting were all top notch. My only real complaint is the feasibility of the plot sometimes….since Batman is a real person who doesn’t really have “super powers” (aka Spiderman or The Hulk), I sort of have an expectation for more realistic plot lines. For instance, the Joker must have had a gigantic freaking army of men to put all those oil barrells in the ferries, and all the oil barrells in the 2 warehouses, plug rig an entire hospital to explode and fall to the ground. It was a little too far fetched, even for a superhero movie. Because the Joker is a person. Now, I’ll admit that Heath Ledger was FANTASTIC. But I’d love some more background on the character. How does he know how to rig all these explosives? Why does he hate Batman? Where did he come from? Why is he able to take so many punches to the face in the police interrogation room without a mark to show for it?

    Overall, out of a 5 star rating, I’d probably go as high as 4 1/2. It’s not quite up to Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption, Gladiator level for me. But, along with Ironman from a couple of months ago, it’s probably as good as it gets in the superhero genre of movies.

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