Posted: August 15, 2008 in tv & movies

In the last 8 days, Erin & I have watched the first TWO seasons of Weeds.  I’d heard it was good.  It’s a Showtime original comedy/drama that first aired in 2005.  I LOVED Mary Louise Parker on The West Wing  (side note – I loved EVERYTHING on The West Wing, about The West Wing, or even related to The West Wing).  So, it was worth a try.

WOWWWOOOWWWW!!!!  What an incredibly funny and off the beaten path show!  Seriously, 2 seasons in 8 days.  22 episodes in eight days.  At an average of 27 minutes per episode, that’s 594 minutes of watching Weeds in the last 8 days.  And we can’t wait to start season three this weekend!  I can’t even begin to explain the entire premise of the show.  It involves marijuana, a death in the family, desperate housewives, guns, condoms, pta meetings, family life, and more.  And who could have ever imagined that Kevin Nealon could be as genuinely funny as he is on this show?  I’m not talking about stupid/goofy Steve Martin funny.  I mean REALLY truly funny, and a really solid actor to boot.

Sufficeth to say…for the last 8 days….I’ve been high on Weeds.

** Update 8.18.2008 – we are now halfway through Season 3.


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