My Favorite Breakfast Cereals

Posted: August 26, 2008 in food

I’m an unabashed cereal lover.  (Pause…take a moment to think about what an odd word “cereal” is)  As long as I can remember, I’ve eaten cereal.  Sometimes for breakfast.   Sometimes for lunch.  Often for dinner.  During my 4 years of college, the cafeteria cereal bar was a staple of my diet….often as a replacement meal when I didn’t like what was on that day’s menu…and often as a simple, delicious after meal dessert. 

I’ve eaten cereal out of plastic bowls, paper bowls, cups, tupperware containers, individual sized rip-top containers, straight out of the box, ceramic bowls, nice china, and directly from my hand.  I’ve eaten sugary cereals, fiber cereals, whole grain cereals, name brand cereals, generic brand cereals, cereals that no longer exist, cereals with prizes inside, cereals in boxes, cereals in bags, cereals that made me want to puke, and cereals that made me think I was in heaven. 

Here’s a list of my all time favorite cereals….these are not in any real order, but I will bold print the ones that stand out above the rest.  These are both current and past favorites.  And I’m fully aware that there are cereals that are probably awesome that I’ve still never eaten (CoCo Wheats and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Cereal for example).  Also, just for fun, wikipedia offers a full list of breakfast cereals.  Also, some dude put together a pretty full list of cereals, just because he’s a cereal lover.  Take some time to look through and be reminded of your favorites.  Here are mine:

Apple Jacks … Captain Crunch … Cocoa Pebbles … Fruity Pebbles … Franken Berry … Count Chocula … Raisin Bran … Cookie CrispFrosted Flakes … Honeycomb … Smurf Berry Crunch … Trix … Cinnamon Toast Crunch … Honey Grahams … Lucky Charms … Cocoa Puffs

  1. Annie says:

    Ah, Apple Jacks 🙂 Not available in Canada when I was a kid (not even sure they are now…), so I remember that a trip to a U.S. grocery store was just as exciting as an amusement park or a beach, or whatever our actual destination was in the States. We could not head back over the border without our box of Apple Jacks! Ironically, I am no longer a cereal fan, lol. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Jason says:

    Wow, Annie…I can’t say that I’ve ever crossed a national border…or a state line for that matter…to pick up my favorite cereal. That’s pretty incredible!

  3. Rafael says:

    Seriously?! You put Cinnamon Toast Crunch in bold type, which is only good as long as you don’t eat it in the same building as a drop of milk, and Captain Crunch only gets a mention?! I’m disappointed, Jason. I thought I could expect better. I mean, c’mon . . . three delicious varieties (okay, so regular and Crunch Berries are pretty similar; but Peanut Butter comes from way out of the blue . . . a naval officer with a fetish for peanut butter?!), a lovable and dignified naval captain/spokesman, and plenty of options for generic replacements if money’s tight. It’s the ideal cereal (you’re right; it’s a strange word). I think the meal at orientation in heaven will be your choice of Captain Crunch and Puerto Rican coffee.


  4. Meriam says:

    I was looking for an old recipe that was made with a cereal and when I did the Google search for it. What I got, besides the usual recipe sites, was a whole slew of blogs about cereal. Yup, just like this one only it’s nothing but cereal. I tried it again and had to do “cereal blog.” i was going to give you a list, but it was too vast. You’ll have to do the dirty work itself.

  5. Jason says:

    a blog about nothing but cereal. hmm. it’s doable. cereal is just that good.

    capt crunch…yes, worth of my list…however, sometimes those tasty little crunches are so rough and “gnarly” that by the end of the bowl my gums actually hurt a little. that’s probably the main reason they’re not bold printed. yummy…but can sometimes hurt the gummies. skittles are like that too.

  6. Rafael says:

    Okay. I can accept that. The trick is to only half chew Cap’n Crunch. But it does explain why you like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. No gum-scraping going on there. But can I ask: Is there any love for Honey Smacks?!

  7. Jason says:

    nope – no love – at all – DO NOT like them

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