A Few More of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Posted: September 5, 2008 in my experiences

Hitting the SNOOZE button for the 3rd time.  I am definitely a snoozer.  Very, very rarely do I get out of bed after the first alarm sounding.  I usually don’t even remember the first one.  I remember the second one, but do not want to wake up to it.  But by the third alarm, I’m finally waking up.  So when I hit the snooze on the third one, I’m mostly awake, but it’s like I’m taking a little 9 minute nap until the fourth alarm…at which point I finally get up. 

Wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.  This, my friends, is when you know the weather is PERFECT.  That day you go out with sneakers, shorts, a sweatshirt or long sleeve tee, and you feel totally comfortable.  Unfortunately, there seems to be only about 3 weeks each year where this is possible.

The first drink you take (of whatever) in the morning.  It doesn’t matter what.  Coffee, Coke, water, tea, milk, etc.  When you take that first swig of your morning-time beverage choice, it feels so good.  You can feel the liquid go all the way down your esophogus, just coating it with goodness.

  1. Shelley says:

    I definitely love the snooze, but I just read that 15 minutes of solid sleep is better for you than one whole hour of interrupted snooze sleep.
    Today is totally a shorts and sweatshirt day, thanks for the idea! I love wearing shorts through October and people look at me like I am insane! The only time I have problems is air-conditioned places, which I would have in the summer anyway!
    Not a big first drink person. For me, that first drink washes the taste out of my mouth, so I am usually not diggin it. I do however love the first sip of coffee, but only good coffee(I have had some nasty hotel coffee). The smell, the anticipation, the warmth, the goodness. Nothing could ever beat that.

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