New Car

Posted: September 12, 2008 in vehicles

Got a new car.  2008 Hyundai Accent.  VERY basic car.  No power locks, windows, or mirrors.  No cruise control.  Basically, it has a cd player, air conditioning, tilt steering, and an automatic transmission.  32 years old, and this is my first automatic, ever. 

Interestingly enough, the local Hyundai dealership where we got the car was the last dealership I ever sold cars for back in 2004.  It made for good conversation with the sales person and sales manager.  Makes it much easier to buy a car when they all know you sold before, so you know all the tricks of the trade.

If this car will last as long and be as reliable as my three previous Mazda Protege’s (1994, 1998, and 2002 models), I will be a very happy person.


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