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Posted: September 22, 2008 in observations / opinions, soap box

I took Eli to Dollywood yesterday after church.  We hadn’t been since May (even though we have season passes), and it was the perfect day to go.  75 degrees, low attendance, and we rode 10 rides in less than 2 hours.  Right now Dollywood is celebrating “Barbeque and Bluegrass” season.  At one point, we walked by a food area that, literally, had an entire pig speared and roasting over flaming coals.  Now THAT is exactly the kind of thing you’d expect to see at a family park.

I used to be a golfing freak.  Several years back, I even considered entering PGA of America training to become a full time golf instructor.  Now, I’ve not swung a club or struck a ball in 16 months.  But also, just recently, I’ve actually started to lose interest in watching golf.  Basically, if Tiger’s not in the field and near the lead, I pretty much don’t care about watching.  This weekend was the Ryder Cup, and I probably watched about 90 minutes of the entire event.  Not long ago I would have taped the entire Saturday and Sunday coverage and stayed up until 2:00am watching every shot.  Good bye golf.

Jason’s Deli is now our new favorite place to eat…that is, when we actually have money to eat out…which is rare.  It’s quite a bit like McAlister’s Deli, except a little more “modern” and “youthful” feeling, which is important as you near your mid-30’s.  And they have free ice cream with any meal purchase.  Mmmm.

Speaking of nearing your mid-30’s.  Played tennis last night….and this morning my knees hurt, my thighs hurt, my back hurts, and I’m morbidly tired.  I apologize to my employer in advance for my lack of productivity today.  Where did 1996 go, and can I get back there soon?

A few thoughts about taking the Lord’s name in vain.  If I were to witness something terrible being done, and I said “God, Damn It”, in the sense that I’m literally saying “God….damn that terrible thing”, is that a violation of the commandment?  Or even just “damn it” in general…who’s the only One who can actually “damn” a thing?  God?  So would even just saying “damn it” imply that your asking God to do something?  Also…it’s interesting how Christians can be so cautious to never say the actual phrase “God Da** It”, but we so easily can say things like, “God, I’m so tired” or “Oh my God, you’re kidding me”.  But, ultimately, aren’t those types of phrases, unless we’re truly speaking to God in that moment, still taking the Lord’s name in vain? 

In honor of my friend, this week I’ll be purchasing a small Butterball turkey, putting it in a Crockpot with a can of cranberry sauce and a package of onion soup mix, and letting it cook all day on low.  I’m told it ends up making just about the most scrumptious turkey you could imagine.  We shall see.

(edit – addition) Oh yeah, me and Eli went to the Oakes Farm on Saturday to take a hay ride and check out the kids stuff.  It’s awesome, they have a bounce house, a gigantic sand pit, a big play box filled with kerneled corn that kids can jump around in, a kids maze, and more….while we were there, a 40 (or so) year old guy and his wife who are from Maine and are studying at Temple Baptist / Crown College in north Knoxville gave me a Gospel tract so I could get to know Jesus as my Savior.  Come on, man, who in the world gives away Gospel tracts while at a family-friendly corn maze/hayride/other fun stuff farm?  And who still thinks that initiating ridiculously awkard small-talk for the sole purpose of being able to give someone a gospel tract is really an effective way of introducing people to Jesus?  Oh, I know….Temple Baptist and Crown College “evangelizers”, that’s who.

  1. Meriam says:

    Let me know how the turkey turns out. I’m looking for crock pot recipes for my blog.

  2. Greg says:

    don’t forget… the cranberries should be a can of whole berry cranberry sauce. Also add 1/2 cup of orange juice and mix all that together and pour it over the turkey. Make sure the turkey is bone in… not a boneless breast. It will be better that way.

    Sorry you were sore dude… that was an epic tennis match though. Anytime it goes to a 3rd set tiebreak, that’s been a good match.

    Also, if you died right now, do you know where you would go?

  3. bill says:

    they also think burning down porn shops is an effective way to…to…get rid of porn shops, I guess.

  4. Jason says:

    Meriam…HMMMMM…the turkey was great. Bought the smallest bone-in turkey I could find, still had to cut off a couple of small chunks to get it to fit in the crock pot. Mix together 1 can of whole-berry cranberry sauce, 1/2 cup orange juice, and 1 packet of onion soup mix. Pour mixture in crock pot with turkey. Cook on low all day. Scrumptious.

    PS – Thanks to Greg for giving me the recipe. Weird. I’m a guy thanking another guy for a crock pot recipe. I’m going to go do some crochet now.

  5. Meriam says:

    And I just asked Ron to take me to the National Towing Hall of Fame in Chattanooga. What is the world coming to???

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