Eli & Angela

Posted: September 29, 2008 in eli, friends

We’re reluctant to admit this, but for the last year or so, Eli has had a girlfriend at preschool. Her name is Angela, and she’s crazy about him. Seriously. Ask Eli who his girlfriend at school is, and he’ll tell you it’s Angela.

Her parents are aware of this connection as well, and for a while we’ve talked with them about getting together sometime so they can hang out. We were finally able to this past weekend as they met us at the Oaks Farm for a hay ride, snacks, pumpkin picking, and other fun stuff.

Because I’m unable to get Picture Trail to work on this blog, for some reason that’s making me crazy mad right now, you’ll have to go to the link I’m attaching to see the photo show of Eli & Angela at the Oaks Farm. Sorry about that, I should be more technologically adept, but I just can’t get it to embed right. So, anyway, go here for a photo recap of Eli’s first date. Oh boy.



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