The 1st Thing I’ve Built In Years

Posted: September 30, 2008 in eli, my experiences, tv & movies

A couple of weeks ago the subdivision Erin’s parents live in had it’s 12th annual community garage sale.  It’s always big, and really good.  We’ve participated 3 times, and always sold everything we put out.  This year, while walking around the neighborhood, I found the Sanyo 27″ TV you see in this picture…and bought it for $20.00.  It now sits in Eli’s room. 

However, when we bought it, I knew there wouldn’t really be a spot in his room to put the TV.  So I decided to build him a TV table.  Myself. 

I sketched it out, did the measurements, went to Lowe’s, found the wood, had it cut on site, realized AFTER it was cut that I had grabbed the 2×10″ wood instead of the 2×12″ wood, which screwed up my sketched out plan.  So I had to figure out how to use the precut wood I had instead.  Figured it out.  Proceeded to build the table in our kitchen.  Realized the screws I was using were not really the right kind.  Went to Ace Hardware and got new ones.  Made lots of noise and lots of dust in the kitchen.  Measured mostly by eye, which you aren’t supposed to do, realized the table was slighly wobblier than I had hoped, but was able to use two left over pieces as extra support braces.  Decided to nail those in instead of screw them, which was REALLY loud in the kitchen.

And finally finished.  Didn’t varnish or paint it.  I wanted Eli to be able to draw and decorate and write all over it if he wanted.  He did for a while and was done.  But it’s still his for the decorating.  And it holds up his TV.  So, when it was all said and done, Eli got a 27″ Sanyo tv in GREAT condition, a custom made TV/VCR/DVD stand, and a VCR/DVD combo (from his grandparents who weren’t using it anymore), and I spent a grand total of about $50.00.  Not too bad.  However, it kind of sucks to think that it took me 29 years before I had a TV as big as the one he now has at 4 1/2.


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