McDonald’s, Monopoly, & Indigestion

Posted: October 28, 2008 in food, sin


Would it be considered gluttony if someone were to “Large Size” their Big Mac meal at McDonald’s, just so they can get six Monopoly game pieces (and six chances at instant prizes)? 

And what if that person were to do this 3 times in one week? 

Just wondering.

  1. aubmth says:

    If someone would do this three times a week, it would be crazy and unhealthy for them. The Monopoly game is stupid anyways. Its just another reason that they use to get people to spend more money, spend money and get no money. I like McDonald’s, but i wouldn’t eat it three times a week just for the stupid game.

  2. Jason says:

    I guess that’s one way of looking at it. Another would be that the Big Mac is the greatest hamburger ever created, and if a certain someone could get away with eating 5 of them each die (without dying at age 36), then he certainly would. It’s too bad the “super size” option is gone…probably could have gotten 8 Monopoly pieces with that one.

  3. Emily D. says:

    bahahhaa!! yeah. I like big macs too (I had my first one two months ago! so I’m a newbie). kind of indifferent about the game. but maybe a certain someone could convince me of its rewards? (are there any? what is the ratio of prizes to monopoly pieces? – at least in your experience. And I wanna see a pie chart!)

  4. Meriam says:

    Well, it would be okay if you took your 4 year old and skipped the Happy Meal (who needs all those little toys anyway) and shared the fries and drink then got him a cheeseburger or chicken sandwich. Saves money that way. Plus, it’s not about winning the money – it’s the possibility of the free food. (We share large size fries and drinks all the time anyway, hardly ever get happy meals.) If you are just doing it on lunch break, be ready to do some heavy exercising. Although, during the Beany Baby craze there was a lady on the news who would take home all the extra fries and dice them up, freeze them, and then use them as hashbrowns.

  5. Jason says:

    Emily – YOU HAD YOUR FIRST BIG MAC 2 MONTHS AGO!? Wow, that almost makes me feel numb. I’m so sorry you suffered so long, but so happy the true joy of the Mac has found your taste buds.

    Meriam – I’m totally impressed you can take your kids and NOT get the Happy Meal. When we go in Mcdonald’s, Eli practically climbs all over the floor display that shows off the Happy Meal toys. He’s trying to find ways to open it, picking out the toy he wants, begging and pleading for a particular color or car or figurine. And yes, free food. I’ve already won a free breakfast sandwich and a 15% off your total purchase coupons.

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