sitting in a florida cafeteria

Posted: November 5, 2008 in work

i’m sitting in a cafeteria at a Sea Ray plant in Merritt Island, Florida right now.  It’s about 5 miles from the Cape Canaveral shuttle launch area.  Drove down with my boss on Monday, worked about a 15 hour day yesterday, and in the middle of another 15 hour day today.  I’m tired, my legs hurt, and at the moment I’m bored.  All the plant employees are working, and we won’t have any more sales pushes until they hit their break times.  We come down every year to do several “plant sales”, which are like gigantic flea markets for Sea Ray plant workers and employees, so they can buy Sea Ray apparel and other stuff at really cheap prices.  It’s a great way for us (pause….just ran a 35 dollar transaction) to get rid lots of extra stuff we accumulate throughout the year at work. 

We’ll pack up the truck around 5:00pm, drive about 4-5 hours to the Savannah, Ga area to spend the night, and be back in Knoxville sometime tomorrow afternoon.  Fun, fun.  What really sucks is spending 4 days within 1 mile of the ocean, and not one time setting foot on the beach.  Anyways….back to work!


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