old tv shows on wgn

Posted: November 14, 2008 in tv & movies


WGN (out of Chicago) has been running a thing in the evenings on weeknights where they show old “tv classics”…Alf, Family Ties, All in the Family, The Hartford Files, stuff like that. 

In particular, I’ve had the opportunity to catch old episodes of Knight Rider, The Incredible Hulk, and the A-Team.  All shows I grew up watching and had great memories of.  I’m sorry to say that these WGN reruns have KILLED my fondness for these shows.  Man, in comparison to today’s shows, they are AWFUL.  I mean, just absolutely AWFUL.  The plots are bad, the acting is bad, the color is bad, the scenery is bad, the dialogue is bad.  I’ve had trouble watching these shows for more than 15-20 minutes when they’ve been on because it hurts me so bad to do so.  I’m serious.  I’m grinding my teeth going, “how in the world did I ever love these shows so much.” 

It’s brutal.  It’s like drinking Tab, hopping back into a wood-paneled station wagon, whipping up a can of Spam for old time sakes, or visiting the church you went to as a child that hasn’t changed one bit since you went there as a child.  I’m almost awe-struck at how much television could improve just in the span of 20-25 years.  It makes me excited to see what tv will be like when I’m 50.  It even makes me excited to see what Spam will be like when I’m 50.  Hmmmm.  Yummy.

  1. Meriam says:

    Believe it or not, Emily (my 13yo) has discovered these shows and LOVES them! They are so cheesy! But, hey, they are a lot cleaner than anything else on TV for her. And they are not nearly as annoying as Hannah Montana or iCarly.

  2. Michael says:

    No AirWolf? The new Knight Rider rocks. They should include a warning before the show; Caution: May Cause Pregnancy because when I watch it… it’s alwaaaaays baby-making material. Yeaaaaah, baby.

    *Baby-Making Material is an adjective legally trademarked and protected by Michael Cody and anyone wishing to use the term ‘Baby-Making’ as an adjective must first ask permission.

  3. Gaylene says:

    I was told that you show the TV series “Darma and Greg” on your network during the afternoons. I work during the afternoons, so I wanted to see if I could watch some episodes online during the evening or on weekends.
    Please let me know if this is possible, because I really need to watch some of the episodes with Darma’s mother, for a character study to
    become that character in a play.
    Thank you for all of your help and cooperation.

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