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Posted: December 5, 2008 in culture, observations / opinions, soap box

The BCS.  It’s dumb.  It’s even worse than high-school superlatives voting.  I was voted “Most Studious” my senior year, basically because I was always known as the smartest guy at school.  But I definitely didn’t study the most.  I can tell you at least 4-5 guys who worked harder than me.  But because I got good grades, I must be the most studious.  And how subjective is “most popular” or “most attractive”?  And so it goes with the BCS.  Oklahoma beat Texas Tech who beat Texas who beat Oklahoma.  So who’s better?  Florida.  That’s who.

The Socio-Economic Climate.  I can only speak from personal perspective on this one.  I’m semi-anti-social, but not to the point that I can’t speak and carry on conversations with people.  I just prefer smaller groups to larger groups when it comes to relational stuff.  I can pretty much get to know anyone 1 on 1, but I quiet down a lot in a group setting.  Economically, I’m probably “lower middle class”.  I’m not even sure there’s a true middle class now.  It skips right from lower middle class to upper middle class.  As far as the climate, it was 22 degrees out this morning, and my car was encrusted with ice.  It took me 10 minutes just to de-ice all the windows and windshield, then put deicer fluid in both mine and Erin’s car, which ended up making me late to work. 

ESPN Writer Bill Simmons.  This guys is an amazing columnist and writer.  But his articles are always so long, I just don’t have time to finish them.  Which is very frustrating.  Like getting into a GREAT book and realizing it’s 2:00am, you’re too sleepy to continue, but there’s only 5 chapters left to finish the book.  Ahhh, what a dilemma, right!  That happened to me with The DaVinci Code, I ended up finishing it at about 4:00am and had to get up at 6:45am for work. 

Live Theater Productions.  In the last 15 years or so, the only live theater style show I’ve seen is Riverdance, about 5 years ago, here in Knoxville.  In middle/high school, we used to take field trips to Louisville, KY to see live shows at a place called Actor’s Theater, which probably seated about 600 people total.  The most memorable for me was The Cask of Amontillado.  I always enjoyed those shows.  But for some reason, I just can’t muster enough desire to go see shows today.  Partly because I just am clueless about what’s in town and available to see.  And partly because I’m simply unwilling to shell out $30 – $50 to see the good ones at the Tennessee Theater.  Any free theater productions around town that I don’t know about?

Meatloaf.  Friends, I absolutely love meatloaf.  It’s incredible.  Crackel Barrel’s meatloaf is usually really really good.  Erin has never been that big a fan, but recently a co-worker shared her meatloaf recipe with us.  Erin tried it.  We ALL loved it, even Eli.  It has something to do with Heinz 57 sauce and brown sugar in the recipe that puts it over the top.  Meatloaf is fairly simple to make, you can make a lot of it rather inexpensively, it goes well with a variety of side dishes, it reheats magnificently, and it’s very filling.  If I were stranded in the desert for 40 years, it’s very possible that I would pray for meatloaf to fall from the heavens.

  1. Betsy says:

    The Cask of Amontillado…i bet that was creepy. we listened to a recording of that in freshmen english and read along with it and i always used to say the opening line of it to my friend in the voice of the reader to creep her out. oh the joys of high school.

    oh and on the superlatives, all the popular girls made a list of everybody they wanted to win and assigned categories to them and passed them around. i was most school spirit and i hated it because even if i did have a lot of “spirit”, it would be nice to know if people actually thought that or if they were just puppets doing what the girls told them to do. i make it sound like i really care, but i don’t, just wanted to share the story. *crying on the inside*

  2. Jason says:

    Yes, VERY creepy. It helped that the Actor’s Theater was an old, sort of dark and dingy sort of hole in the wall theater joint. But I can remember the BOOM of the cask closing, trapping the man in his tomb, and almost jumping out of my seat.

    i could definitely see you winning school spirit. last night on 30 rock, Liz Lemon went to her 20 year high school reunion. she had always thought she was the “nerd” in high school…then after 20 years she finds out everyone actually considered her to be the bully, because of her witty verbal jabs. i’d like to go to my 20 year reunion and find out that all the girls actually thought that I was a hottie.

  3. Greg says:

    Meatloaf rules dude. I especially love that “I would do anything for love” song…

    We make turkey meatloaf and you absolutely cannot tell… it’s way less greasy and much better for you and I’d be glad to share the recipe. It’s simple and awesome and I agree with everything you said… filling, great leftovers… mmmm… loaf.

  4. Meriam says:

    Oklahoma Sooners rule.

  5. Greg says:

    If by “rule” you mean “lose in every bowl game they play” then yes, they most certainly do.

    Go Boise State!

  6. Shelley says:

    I almost decided not to like you anymore. I love meatloaf, but not Meatloaf.

  7. John Pridemore says:

    My sophomore year in highschool I took drama, we did Poe stories and I was in The Cask of Amontallido. I was the guy that got bricked up. I wore tights. They were white.

  8. Jason says:

    John, I double dog dare you to wear white tights to small group. And then we’ll TP Scott’s house afterwards. Wuddya say?

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